What Educational Programs Are Available at the Coloma Community Schools?

What Educational Programs Are Available at the Coloma Community Schools?

As of 2015, Coloma Community Schools in Coloma, Michigan, includes educational programs at the elementary, intermediate, junior high and high school levels. The system also has an athletics program and a fine arts program with opportunities for learning art and joining a school band or choir.

Academic subjects include reading, math, spelling, physical education and writing for kindergarten to 12th grade students; the district also has a preschool program. Elementary school programs are available at Coloma Elementary and intermediate at Coloma Intermediate School. Coloma Junior High School and Coloma High School provide upper level academic programs.

Baseball, bowling, golf, soccer and equestrian are among the sports in the school district's athletics program. Additional sports include basketball, softball, cross country and tennis.

The district's art program is divided into high school, junior high and elementary/intermediate art programs. The Coloma Comet Choir and the choirs for elementary school and grades six through 12 are the three choir program options. School bands are available for high school, seventh and eighth grade, sixth grade and fifth grade. The bands perform for school events and band festivals.

The school has an online portal for students and parents that gives them access to various class and grade information.