What Is the Educational Program Known As E2020?

Edgenuity, formerly known as e2020, is an online educational platform that provides a variety of academic courses for students in grades six to 12. Edgenuity was formed in 1998 by a group of educators with the goal of providing an alternative method for meeting the needs of struggling students.

A typical Edgenuity Virtual Classroom course consists of several overall units with various sections; each section contains a pretest, a video lecture given by a qualified teacher, skills practice and a quiz. Before each section begins, students have the option of taking a pretest, which, if passed, allows them to skip to the next section. Students who do not pass the pretest are directed to that section’s lecture and activities. At the end of each unit, students complete a test review and take a cumulative test, which must be unlocked by a supervising teacher once the students' work has been reviewed. Students are allowed one retake for each quiz and test; retakes beyond this point must be approved by a supervising teacher, usually after the student has conferred with the teacher and/or gone back into the section for additional notes.

Students can complete Edgenuity coursework from anywhere, with the exception of cumulative tests which must be unlocked and taken under the teacher supervision. Edgenuity offers online assistance for students and teachers through live chat and email support. Credits earned through Edgenuity are accepted by a wide variety of high schools, colleges and universities.