What Are Some Educational Games to Play With First Graders?

Educational games to play with first graders include a verbs relay race and playing a numbers-based game such as Numbers Sense. The games are good for first-graders because they integrate whole body action and group play with problem-solving practice.

In the first grade, children learn the difference between verbs and nouns. Pairing physical action and play with identifying different verbs is a fun way to get young students engaged in these skills. In a verb relay game, small groups of kids work together in teams and run relays, with each child taking one leg of the race. Each leg of the race requires the racer to read an index card with an action word, such as jumping or skipping, written on it. The child then completes that action on her leg of the race. The fastest team wins the race. This gives students some practice reading action words and gets their whole bodies engaged in play.

Numbers Sense is a math game played with dice that allows players to practice math concepts such as "greater than" and "less than" along with simple addition and problem-solving. Players need only two dice, paper, and a pen or pencil. Players roll and add the value of two dice together. Players then add the two numbers and track the score by writing a number sentence for each roll of the dice. The next player then rolls and adds the next math sentence to the paper. The player with the highest number wins that round.