What Are Some Educational Games for Elementary School Students?

What Are Some Educational Games for Elementary School Students?

"Tug Team Addition" and "Number Pairs 10" from Math Playground, "Make a Christmas Tree" from ABCya! and "Space Fractions" from Fun Brain are a few educational games for elementary school students. Additional games include "Make a Gingerbread House" from ABCya! and a variety of math games from RightStart Mathematics.

RightStart Mathematics' "Math Card Games" include over 300 activities for elementary school kids as of 2015. The games train students through repeated practice of math concepts. RightStart Mathematics also provides boxed games that focus on specific topics, and many of the math items work with the company's AL Abacus.

Math Playground's "Tug Team Addition" is an online game in which students enter their names, choose a red or blue team, and solve problems to help a tugboat tug. "Number Pairs 10" has students add number balls together to get the designated sum.

"Make a Christmas Tree" from ABCya! teaches kids hand-eye coordination skills by having them place ornaments and lights on a Christmas tree. The website divides games by grade level with levels available for pre-k through fifth grade.

"Space Fractions" from Fun Brain teaches kids skills with fractions by having them click fraction fuel cans to fuel a shooting space ship.