What Are Some Educational Games You Can Teach Kids in a First Grade Class?


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Educational games for children in a first grade class include around the world, scrambled letters, speed spelling and sink or float. Educational games help children enhance their learning and can be used as a reward.

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What Are Some Educational Games You Can Teach Kids in a First Grade Class?
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To play around the world, one child is chosen as the leader and stands by another child's desk. The teacher holds up a question on a flash card, such as a math problem, for the leader and the child sitting in that desk. Whichever child answers correctly first moves on to the next student's desk, while the other child either remains seated or takes a seat. If a child goes around the entire classroom, he wins.

In scrambled letters, the teacher writes a word on the board with the letters out of order. The first child to guess the word is the winner.

In speed spelling, a word family, such as "ab," "at" or "in," is chosen. The teacher sets a timer for one minute, during which time each child writes as many words as he can think of that contain those letters. Whichever child writes the most legitimate words is the winner.

In sink or float, the teacher selects objects he has and asks the children to predict whether the object sinks or floats in the water. He also has them discuss why they think it sinks or floats. The children can then place each object in a cup of water to see if their predictions were accurate.

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