What Are Some Educational Drawing and Painting Games for Kids?

Educational drawing and painting games for kids include hangman, categories, dots and squares, foldovers, and making homemade paint with salt and flour. Making homemade paint provides sensory learning lessons while conducting a home-science experiment.

Foldovers allows children to play in a group. On a piece of standard notebook paper, one person draws a head at the top and then folds the page down to hide his drawing. The next person draws a chest and arms without looking at the head; he folds his drawing down and slides it back to the other player. The next player draws a stomach and hips for the character, being sure to fold and hide his drawing when finished. The game ends when the last player draws the legs and feet. Kids unfold the drawing to see what characters they've created.

While not an acrylic paint replacement, homemade paint allows children to make their own play art supplies with items commonly found in the home, such as food coloring, salt, flour and water. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup of water. Mix the dry ingredients first; the water binds the mixture. The paint consistency should be smooth. Add the mixture to a zip-top bag, and mix in a few drops of food coloring. The children can squish the sealed bag to mix in the color. Adding more water gives the mixture a thinner consistency.