What Are Some Educational Classroom Games for Kids?


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Educational classroom games for kids include vocabulary bingo where students cover the term once the definition is read by the caller and a vocabulary matching game where students must flip over cards and match the term with the definition. An additional educational classroom game involves using math flash cards with multiplication, division, subtraction or addition problems that students have to solve in groups as quickly as possible.

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Teachers can launch a game of Jeopardy where students are provided the answer to a trivia question and they must be the first to respond with the corresponding question to the answer. Students may also enjoy a scavenger hunt in the classroom where they must find items on their list that begin with certain letters to develop their vocabulary skills and sight reading abilities.

Classroom educational games can also be based off of board games such as Life, checkers or Scrabble. Teachers can replace the game cards with trivia questions about the curriculum on a Life board, require students to answer a math problem correctly before making a move in checkers and launch a game of Scrabble where students are limited to only using spelling words or vocabulary words of the week when placing their letter tiles on the board.

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