What Are the Educational Benefits of BrainPOP Jr?


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BrainPOP Jr is an award-winning educational, online resource that creates animated and curricular content regarding math, science, arts, reading, history and more. It is optimized for the classroom, as well as unconventional teaching methods, such as home school.

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In all types of learning settings, BrainPOP Jr has resources to help students and teachers alike in school, as well as in informal learning environments. BrainPOP uses interactive content and animated movies to explain a variety of subjects, such as classifying animals and bullying. Students and teachers have the ability to keep a record of their learning accomplishments and progress, along with quizzes, games and activities. BrainPOP Jr also lets users tailor assessments to meet the needs of students.

BrainPOP was designed as a way to explain difficult and complex concepts to young children in a creative and simple way. It is widely recognized as an effective resource for learning, having earned 19 honors and rewards. Though it does contain a small amount of free content, a subscription is necessary for full access.

BrainPOP Jr also comes with access to BrainPOP Educators, a site for free teacher resources such as lesson plans, webinars, video tutorials, graphic organizers and more. These resources help teachers to be better prepared for helping students.

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