How Do You Edit a Personal Statement?


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Edit a personal statement by pulling up the original personal statement in a word processing program and adding text that emphasizes how you are more unique than other applicants, what attracts you to this career, how some of your specific accomplishments have prepared you for the specific position you are seeking and what you have learned from some of your prior research endeavors. While adding this, remove any superfluous text or text that distracts from these key points.

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How Do You Edit a Personal Statement?
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One of the best ways to edit a personal statement is to give the original statement to a relevant person and have them make suggestions. An example of this is if you are writing a personal statement as part of your application to graduate school, it is appropriate to ask a professor of the area you are applying to study to make recommendations for what to add and what to remove from the statement.

Additionally, edit the statement to ensure that it answers all questions posed to you by the academic or vocational institution to which you are applying. Make sure you sound both confident and honest, and create an argument that you are a suitable candidate for this position from the very beginning. The rest of the statement provides evidence for this argument. Edit the document to make sure the statement looks professional.

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