What Is an Edible Solar System Project?


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An edible solar system project is a type of project in which one makes a model of the solar system using only edible materials. Making an edible solar system project is often helpful in teaching children how the solar system works because it's hands-on, fun and engaging.

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What Is an Edible Solar System Project?
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There are many things to consider when making an edible solar system project: which type of materials to use, whether the model is two or three-dimensional and its size.

If the project is going to be a two-dimensional model, a background, such as a sheet cake, is essential. Then, use frosting as a "glue" to stick candies, cookies, or anything else to the cake so that it looks like the solar system. Using different colors and sizes of each item works best.

If the project is going to be three-dimensional, one can either make three-dimensional "planets" out of edible materials or use existing food items that are already the correct shape.

Make sure to base the edible solar system project on a real image of the solar system and discuss the different planets and solar system features as you create the model. This makes the project a great learning experience for everyone involved.

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