What Is the Edgenuity E2020 Program?

As of 2015, Edgenuity, formerly known as E2020, is a blended-learning program that provides video instruction, activities, simulations and assessments for students in all 50 states. Its curriculum meets state and Common Core standards. It also offers standardized test preparation, dual-credit classes and a supplemental math and reading program.

Edgenuity provides online, video-instruction by qualified teachers to be used in the traditional classroom setting. Classroom teachers supplement this instruction with in-class and online assignments, quizzes and tests. Although the program is designed for use by a teacher in a classroom, it also offers schools the option of online teachers to provide schools with increased course offerings. Edgenuity's materials are offered as full classes, not as individual topics within a particular subject. It also has a Student Lobby where students can track their progress and see how much more they have to do to meet their goals.

The supplemental reading and math program, known as Edgenuity MyPath, assesses students to identify where they need help. It then provides the students with online lessons to help them catch-up to their grade level. The company designed Edgenuity Gap for student-athletes. It offers an assessment that allows the student to determine in which subjects he needs assistance. He can watch online videos and do activities in those specific areas.

Edgenuity Gap also offers test-preparation services.