Is Economics a Good Major?


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Economics is a good major because of the wide range of career opportunities available to graduates. Many of the skills learned during an economics major can also be applied to other areas of life, including business and personal life.

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One of the main benefits of studying economics is that it opens up a number of job opportunities. Some examples of industries that regularly recruit economics graduates include banking, finance, sales and civil service. The insurance industry also recruits a large number of economics graduates.

As an economics major, a student learns about a wide range of economic problems and theories. This knowledge is often valuable to businesses, as economists can help to predict how changes to the economy are likely to affect the company. Economics graduates are also adept at recognizing when a solution is likely to cause unintended consequences, which is another useful skill in the workplace. A solid understanding of economics enables a person to make decisions using a focused, analytical approach.

An economics degree does not guarantee a highly paid job, although it does increase the chances. Whether an economics major is the right choice depends largely on the individual student. Many economics majors choose to double major in finance, political science or psychology to build a comprehensive foundation for future careers.

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