What Are Some Easy Spanish Words to Teach Kids?


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Easy Spanish words to teach children include names for colors, animals, food and other items they are already very familiar with in English. It may be best at first to avoid words with sounds that are not made in the English language, such as rolling an "r."

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What Are Some Easy Spanish Words to Teach Kids?
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All ages learn language more quickly when they are taught in a way that can be immediately utilized. Therefore, one of the best things to start with is teaching how to say "hello," "goodbye" and "goodnight." In Spanish, these are all easy for children to learn and pronounce: "hola," "adios" and "buenas noches," respectively.

Spanish only has one phonetic sound per vowel, making it easier for children to learn pronunciation. There are alphabet songs available online to teach them through singing, which can be utilized to teach rules that are different than English. For example, a double "l" makes a “y” sound.

Color is taught early on in childhood development. With a firm grasp on their color palette, children can more easily understand the Spanish words for colors.

Resources exist online specifically for teaching Spanish to children. SpanishTown.ca has interactive Flash games that are divided into different categories such as colors, shapes and counting.

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