What Are Some Easy Science Project Experiments for Elementary School Kids?


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Some easy science projects and experiments for elementary school kids include Sun Prints, Feeding Plants and Bend Water with Static Electricity, Make a Paperclip Float and Make a Balloon Rocket. These projects can be used for a school science fair project, but also have instructions so kids can make them at home, states ScienceBob.

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For the science project Sun Prints, kids need a towel, tub of water, objects from nature such as flowers and leaves and a Sun Art paper kit. Optional items are lemon juice and a book for pressing. Kids should arrange their objects on the sun paper in the shade and cover with acrylic paper. The paper is then left in the sun for a few minutes or until it turns light blue. Once the paper is light blue, place it in water to darken the blue then dry with a towel.

Feeding Plants is an easy science project that uses 4-12 easy to grow plants such as bean plants, water, juice, milk, soda, a sunny area and a marker. Kids should divide the plants into four groups and label each group as water, milk, soda or juice. Each day, give each plant the same amount of liquid. Observe how the plants grow and record any observations, such as height and color.

Other science experiments and projects that are easy and suitable for elementary school children are Make your Own Volcano, Blow Up a Balloon with Yeast, Clean Pennies with Vinegar and Roll a Can with Static Electricity, notes ScienceBob.

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