What Are Some Easy Science Fair Projects for High School Students?


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Easy science fair projects for high school students include testing whether tea stains teeth and testing how certain environments affect seed germination. Another project tests what materials make the best hot air balloons.

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Testing whether tea stains teeth requires egg shells, coffee, tea and soda. An egg shell sits in each liquid and the experimenter measures discoloration of the shells at regular intervals. Documentation can include taking photos and making notes about observations.

Another experiment uses a variety of conditions to test seed germination. The amount of water, type of soil, light exposure and fertilizer can all act as variables for this experiment. Cold storage of seeds is another factor to vary in the project, with the experimenter recording seed growth and comparing the effects of variables.

To experiment with materials for hot air balloons, the student takes the materials involved, such as nylon and polyester, and initiates a number of trauma impacts with the materials in order to see which material is more durable. The student then heats the materials. The student compares the results of the tests and draws conclusions as to the more appropriate material for making hot air balloons.

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