What Are Some Easy-to-Say German Phrases?


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Some easy-to-say German phrases are "Guten morgen," which translates to "Good morning," "Auf wiedersehen," which translates to "Goodbye," and "Gehen wir," which translates to "Let's go." Personal interest, global careers and travel are reasons why an individual may want to learn a few easy phrases in German.

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What Are Some Easy-to-Say German Phrases?
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More easy and useful German phrases are "Es freut mich," which translates to "Pleased to meet you," "Ja," which translates to "Yes," "Nein," which translates to "No," and, "Kannst du mir helfen?" which translates to "Can you help me?"

English and German both have roots in the Western Germanic languages, but are very different in the modern-day world. Many native English speakers have difficulty pronouncing German because the articulations of the words are not familiar. As of 2015, German is one of the world's most popular languages, with approximately 118 million speakers including native and secondary language speakers. It is the official language of seven countries, including Germany, Austria and Belgium. In 1998, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany enforced a reform of the German language in schools and public administration. Large groups of native speakers were opposed to the reform on the grounds that it was phasing out German culture. The government reversed the most controversial changes in 2006, but some areas of the German language remain permanently altered.

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