What Are Some Easy Italian Words to Learn?


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Some easy Italian words to learn are "si," which means "yes," "no," which means "no," "grazie," which means "thank you" and "prego" which means "you're welcome. Other easy Italian words are "ciao," which means "hello," "salute," which means "cheers," "arrivederci," which means "good-bye," "andiamo," which means "let's go," and "scusi," which means "excuse me." These easy words are a good way to start practicing some basic Italian.

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Most Italian words are pronounced the way they are spelled, which makes it easier to learn the pronunciation of new words. The stress of an Italian word typically is on the second to last syllable, with some exceptions. For example, if the word ends with a vowel that has an accent mark, then the stress is on the last syllable. The letter "H" is always silent in Italian. If a word has a double consonant, then both consonants are pronounced. For example, the word "il nonno" is pronounced as "eel nohn-noh" and the word il nono is pronounced "eel noh-noh."

Some letters are pronounced differently in Italian and English. For example, Italian speakers pronounce "ciao" as "chow" and "arrivederci" as "ah-ree-vuh-dehr-chee." The pronunciation of "grazie" is "graht-zee-eh" and the pronunciation of "scusi" is "skoo-zee."

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