What Are Some Easy Homemade Science Projects?

Some easy homemade science projects for kids are growing sugar rock crystals, making a volcano, a balloon rocket, blowing up a balloon with yeast, layered liquids, egg in a bottle and an ice tray battery. These different science projects are available at websites such as SteveSpanglerScience.com, ScienceBob.com and SciFun.org.

Growing crystals from salt or sugar water mixtures is a popular homemade project. The items needed for edible rock candy are water, sugar, string, pencil, food coloring and a glass container. The project entails adding water, coloring and sugar to the container, attaching a string to a pencil and placing the string in the water. Take the string out, allow it to dry, reintroduce it into the liquid mixture and leave it there for a week. This produces rock candy/sugar crystals. The project teaches children about the principle of crystallization. SteveSpanglerScience.com has complete instructions for this science project.

Some other interesting projects are with balloons, such as blowing up a balloon with yeast or fabricating a balloon rocket. To inflate a balloon with yeast, the items needed are warm water, yeast and sugar, an empty soda bottle and a balloon. Once the first three ingredients are in the bottle, place the balloon over the bottle opening and wait about 25 minutes to see an inflated balloon. This and many other homemade science projects are available at ScienceBob.com.

At SciFun.org, there are many projects on different topics, such as density miscibility, chemical reactions and magnetic fields. An easy project is to layer liquids, showing how densities of different liquid substances vary and cause the formation of layers between them.