What Are Some Easy 8th Grade Science Projects?

Science projects for eighth graders are designed to encourage students to conduct independent studies with original research. The science projects teach students to employ rigorous scientific controls, graph data and apply statistical analysis to the project. The level of difficulty is determined by the amount of research and the time that is involved, as well as the topic.

Finding an eighth grade science project that is easy, yet still interesting can be a daunting task, but below are some examples to make it easier.

  1. Magnifying power and focal length of a lens
  2. Magnifying power is related to the focal length of a lens, so this project allows students to calculate the focal length of each lens with scientific data collected in one session.

  3. Which household products produce the best crystals
  4. Crystals form on a base surface, and depending what that surface is, the formation is sometimes more relevant than others. Using household objects and a solution to create crystals, the students can graph which items surface formed the best crystals.

  5. How stress affects the body
  6. This eighth grade science project examines whether or not stress alters the body temperature. The student will need test objects who are willing to undergo a series of stressful experiments to determine if the body temperature changes.