What Are Some Facts About Eastern Arizona College?

What Are Some Facts About Eastern Arizona College?

Some facts about Eastern Arizona College are that the college offers a variety of educational degrees and certifications and that the 1927 men's basketball team recorded a perfect season with 33 wins and no losses. Since its charter in 1888, the college's leadership and academic programming changed several times, including a temporary closure and an evolving curriculum that is purposefully oriented to career preparation.

Degree offerings at Eastern Arizona College include associate, bachelor's and master's degrees. The college also offers proficiency certificates, endorsements and post-degree certifications. The college has multiple locations for student convenience. Open enrollment at the school accompanies modest tuition of less than $2,000 per year, attracting approximately 6,700 students, as of December 2015. Both full- and part-time students attend the school.

Eastern Arizona College is the state of Arizona's oldest community college. Christopher Layton served as the college's first president. The first campus was a church building. Teachers received pay in the form of food during the school's early years.

Financing and attendance issues caused the school to close temporarily in 1896. When the school relaunched four years later, the school's leadership decided to focus on practical academic programming. At the turn of the 20th century, this programming included telegraphy and engineering.

The state of Arizona formalized a junior college system in the 1960s, and Eastern Arizona College joined the state's junior college network. Because of the new association, the state provided significant funding that allowed the school to build and expand. In 1987 and 1988, the school celebrated its 100th anniversary academic year.