What Are Some of the Easiest College Certificate Programs?

What Are Some of the Easiest College Certificate Programs?

Women’s studies, religious studies and English literature are some of the easiest college certificate programs. Other easy college certificate programs include sports management and creative writing, according to Yahoo Finance.

Women's studies, which is the study of culture from a woman’s perspective, is considered one of the easiest college certificate programs. Those who obtain a degree in women studies can seek employment opportunities in human resources, counseling or social studies.

Students who major in religious studies often take courses on topics such as early Chinese thought and the origins of Christianity. Those who enjoy long lectures and reading usually find this program easy to complete.

Those who major in English literature mostly read, discuss, write some short stories and take electives such as art appreciation. Upon graduation, program participants can work in various fields including marketing and public relations. Creative writing is another easy program for those who love to write. Earning a degree in creative writing does not require calculus, biology or chemistry courses. After graduation, degree holders can work as professional writers or marketers.

Many people find sports management programs easy because they do not require much math or science. Sports management programs are easy for individuals who are knowledgeable of sports and possess solid people skills.