How Do You Earn a Degree in Choreography?

How Do You Earn a Degree in Choreography?

To earn a degree in choreography, students should apply to schools with a dance major, choose the desired school and take the required courses to receive a bachelor degree in dance or performing arts. Students should consider colleges will well-regarded dance programs, such as Skidmore College, Juilliard Dance, Rutgers University, Oberlin College and Conservatory and University of California at Berkeley, notes Back Stage.

To earn a degree in choreography:

  1. Find a school
  2. Apply to schools that have programs leading to a degree in dance. The schools should include coursework in specific dance of interest. For example, a musical theater choreographer will want courses in jazz and modern dance.

  3. Determine the requirements
  4. Learn about the program requirements at the school to ensure that all are met. For example, students at the University of California can choose choreography as their focus, but must also take courses, such as Stagecraft and Dance Technique. Some schools may also require a thesis or dance showcase before graduating.

  5. Take the classes
  6. Take all necessary classes for the dance major and all outside courses required for the degree. This may include courses, such as dance history, movement analysis and dance composition.

  7. Receive the degree
  8. Once all requirements are met, receive the choreography degree. Choreographers should continue learning by joining professional organizations and remaining current with new dance styles.