How Do You Earn a Dance Certification?


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Dance certifications may be earned through accredited schools, such as colleges and universities, or through other organizations and associations authorized to declare an individual qualified to teach or work in dance.

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Requirements for obtaining certification in dance vary based on what profession the dancer is pursuing. Those wishing to go into teaching usually need to earn an undergraduate degree in the discipline of dance. In this case, coursework is a combination of practical dance and dance theory. Dancers wanting to perfect their craft or teach in studios may only need to become certified in their dance area of choice. Several organizations offer certification for dance teachers. Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America, Royal Academy of Dance, Cecchetti USA, National Dance Education Organization/National Dance Registry of Dance Educators and Canadian Dance Standards are a few. Some organizations require continuing education in order to maintain certification. Some organizations also requires basic certification in first aid. Popular areas in which to obtain certification include classical dances like ballet, tap and jazz. Certification is also available for more modern dances like Zumba, a popular exercise dance that combines Latin dance moves with aerobics, and Jazzercise, which incorporates jazz steps as a physical fitness routine.

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