How Do You Earn a BA Degree Online?

How Do You Earn a BA Degree Online?

Earning a Bachelor of Arts, or B.A., degree online involves choosing a school with the online program, completing the application requirements, completing all required coursework and meeting requirements to graduate. Online B.A. degree programs are available from both online-only schools, such as Walden University, and brick-and-mortar institutions with online offerings, such as Arizona State University.

To earn a B.A. degree online:

  1. Choose a school and apply
  2. Search for colleges and universities that offer online B.A. programs in the field of study of interest. After comparing programs, choose one or more schools to apply to. Usually, an apply option is on the school's website or on the online program's page. Follow the steps to apply, which can include filling out an application, paying a fee and having transcripts sent from previous schools, mentions Arizona State University.

  3. Complete program coursework
  4. After being accepted and having any transfer credit assessed, contact the school's student adviser to find out which courses are needed and when courses start. When enrolled in courses, complete the assignments, attend any online live lectures and chats and take advantage of internship and networking opportunities if available, suggests Southern New Hampshire University.

  5. Meet graduation requirements
  6. Near the end of the online B.A. program, contact the school to learn about any final graduation requirements and to apply for graduation. Some programs may have a final component, such as a thesis, that students must complete after all other coursework and before graduation.