How Early Should Children Begin the AdaptedMind Math Program?


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The AdaptedMind math program covers first through eighth grade, and so first grade is the normal starting point in the program. AdaptedMind is structured as a custom math program that provides an individualized learning pathway by recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses, so some flexibility is allowed in the starting age.

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Each grade segment of AdaptedMind has grade level problems and age appropriate animations. The first-grade level has 205 lessons with 500 problems and an instructional video within each lesson. The lessons group into major categories such as counting, number sense, time, addition and subtraction. Users can click on a category to view the individual lessons within.

Within the lessons, first-grade students have the opportunity to choose an animated monster as their companion through the activities. Lessons also have background music suitable to that age range. The lessons often consist of interactive games that involve grade level numbers and measurements, and also include videos that explain the underlying concepts of each lesson.

Throughout the lessons, the adaptive technology that lies at the foundation of AdaptedMind gauges the student's abilities, and this determines the difficulty of the succeeding content. Because of this individualized approach, AdaptedMind can work with first graders of different levels of skill.

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