What Is the E-Z Grader Scale?


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The E-Z Grader scale is a scale printed on the front of an E-Z Grader tool, which is a teacher’s tool that allows teachers to quickly determine a student’s grade based on the number of incorrect answers and the total number of problems for assignments. The teacher chooses the number of problems at the top of the EZ-Grader to see the student's percentage based on the number of wrong answers.

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The original E-Z Grader instantly determines the grade percentage of homework or tests with up to 95 problems. To use the E-Z Grader, the teacher slides the card left or right until the number of problems that require grading displays in the Total Number of Problems box at the top of the tool. After grading the homework or test, the teacher looks at the total number of problems wrong, finds the corresponding number on the E-Z Grader scale and notes the grade percentage. For example, on a worksheet with 30 total problems, a student who misses three problems receives a score of 90 percent.

E-ZGrader.com sells the E-Z Grader in its original format in several colors. In addition, it offers other similar products, including its E-Z Weighted Grade Finder, Long Ranger E-Z Grader and Math Fact Finder. It also sells Ward record books packaged with E-Z Grader tools.

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