How Is DreamBox Learning Useful in Schools?

How Is DreamBox Learning Useful in Schools?

DreamBox Learning is useful for elementary and middle-school learners because it adapts to the individual learner. It also provides actionable data to ensure that schools satisfy their respective state or national curriculum standards.

DreamBox is adaptive math learning software for elementary and middle-school students. The software provides continuous formative assessment during and between lessons and analyzes tens of thousands of data points for each student. The software utilizes these data points to evaluate the student's understanding of the current curriculum and when the next lesson should be introduced.

The assessment tools and teaching methods employed by DreamBox provide personalized instruction for each student to increase the learning velocity of all students. The platform supports teachers by offering standards-aligned data to guide instruction and monitor growth to ensure effective retention of the curriculum.

DreamBox tracks, analyzes and responds to every student action. It is adaptive learning software to provide effective learning through real-time data analysis. The data collected and analyzed by DreamBox is used to guide teachers on how to most effectively reach their students.

DreamBox software is aligned to guide students through the Common Core curriculum. The program is aligned with the Common Core and the user's respective state standards.