How Do You Find Drama Classes for Adults?

How Do You Find Drama Classes for Adults?

Local repertory theater companies, community arts centers, performing arts centers and theater guilds in small and large cities across the United States are all potential sources of acting classes or information about where to take acting classes. Classes may culminate with a production of a play or a musical or serve as a form of recreation.

In the Colorado cities of Arvada and Denver, there are the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and the Colorado Theatre Guild, respectively. The Arvada Center offers drama classes for adults and children ages three to 18. The Center encourages students of all ages to audition for its yearly productions.

At the Colorado Theatre Guild, prospective students take acting classes or participate in intensive workshops, such as the "Fundamentals of Storytelling for the Stage." The Guild stages plays and musicals annually and encourages students to audition.

The acting curriculum at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia features basic classes for children ages five to 17. Adults choose between introductory, intermediate and advanced classes, with a required entrance audition at the advanced level.

California's Berkeley Rep School is a performing arts training ground with separate divisions for children, teens and adults. Some of the classes include acting for Shakespeare, voice-over acting, audition technique workshops for on-camera acting and one-on-one audition coaching.