How Do You Download a Copy of a Rubric Template?


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Download rubric templates using websites such as Edutopia and Rubistar. Each site allows you to customize the rubric to better fit your educational or professional purposes.

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Edutopia provides a sample rubric that can be downloaded in a Microsoft Word .doc format or viewed as a Google document. It provides four levels of accomplishment at the top: Unsatisfactory, Competent, Proficient and Distinguished. These levels are on a horizontal line at the top, while a vertical line lists different skills, including effort, craftsmanship and habits of mind. Where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect, the rubric offers specific information on the different levels of proficiency in that skill.

The Edutopia rubric is already complete but can be customized by the user. Alternatively, the Rubistar website allows users to create a customized rubric from the ground up. Begin by clicking on one of the available subjects, such as math, reading or art. This leads to a list of pre-made template titles, such as "Analysis of a Work of Art."

This brings up horizontal and vertical rows similar to the Edutopia template. However, users can customize the four levels of proficiency, the skills being assessed and the descriptions of how to distinguish different levels of accomplishment in each skill. Click Submit to preview the rubric, make any final changes necessary and then download it.

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