How Do You Download a Free Copy of the Holy Bible?


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Free copies of the Holy Bible are available through free e-book publishing site Project Gutenberg. Versions of the Bible compatible with multiple e-book readers and programs can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg's website, or the entire text can be read online in HTML format.

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How Do You Download a Free Copy of the Holy Bible?
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Project Gutenberg offers multiple translations of the Holy Bible for download, including the common King James Version and alternate translations such as the Catholic Douay-Rheims version. Project Gutenberg also offers some downloads of non-standard versions of the Bible, including apocryphal texts, that may be of considerable interest to Bible scholars. In addition to the several versions of the text itself, Project Gutenberg offers the bible in the open EPUB format, plain text and Kindle e-reader format. Most versions of the Holy Bible available through Project Gutenberg do not have pictures or illustrations, so they may be less suitable for young children.

It is historically appropriate that Project Gutenberg offers the Holy Bible as a download. The project is named after inventor of the printing press Johannes Gutenberg, whose most famous product, other than the printing press itself, is the Gutenberg Bible. This Latin version of the Bible is considered the first substantial Western book to be printed with a printing press and movable type.

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