What Are Dolch Sight Words Flashcards?

Dolch Sight Words flash cards are flash cards of words on the Dolch Word List, which contains common English words that cannot be sounded out using phonetics. The are 220 words on the list, as of 2015. They are called Sight words because many of them must be memorized by sight rather than through sounding them out.

Dolch Sight Words flash cards are typically used to prime young children for literacy before they enter school. For this reason, some teachers use Dolch Sight Words flash cards as a resource for active engagement in a child's literacy education.

Five levels of flash cards are available. The first is a pre-primer set of flash cards, which contains vowels. The second is a primer set. The third, fourth and fifth are for first, second and third grade, respectively.

BogglesWorldESL.com offers Dolch Sight Words flash cards for free download in MS Word format. TheSchoolBell.com is another online resource for Dolch Sight Words.

Edward William Dolch created the list of high frequency words for his 1948 book, "Problems with Reading." While the list is still used for beginner literacy, some of the words are no longer used with frequency today. "Shall" is a good example of this.