What Are Dolch Basic Sight Words?


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In 1936, Edward W. Dolch compiled a list of 220 frequently used words, excluding nouns, that he believed children learning to read should know on sight, and categorized each word as either "easy" or "hard." Many of the words do not follow the basic phonics rules young children learn.

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Verbs on Dolch's list of 110 easy sight words include "ask," "call," "come," "ride" and "sleep." Adjectives on the easy sight word list include "big," "blue," "cold," "good" and "pretty." Some other words on the list are "and," "away," "soon," "myself" and "yes."

Dolch's complete list of 220 sight words includes 92 verbs, 46 adjectives and 34 adverbs. Pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions make up the remainder of the list. Dolch made a separate list of nouns that he thought would appear most frequently in materials intended for children learning to read.

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