How Do You Document Your Daily Thoughts?


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Common methods to document daily thoughts include pen and paper journaling, journal or diary apps and online blogging. Daily journaling can actually improve mental health, focus creativity and help writers better reflect on their lives.

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Pen and paper journaling is one of the oldest methods of documenting thoughts, offering both advantages and disadvantages. This is typically the most private form of journaling, since unlike online journaling, others cannot hack or access the writing. At the same time, the physical nature of the journal makes it much more difficult to back up, and if the owner loses or destroys the journal, it's gone forever.

Digital journaling apps are popular for writers who make frequent use of their phones, computers or tablets. Apps such as Penzu and Day One are paid programs that offer powerful journaling tools for users, including the ability to add locations and photos. For users seeking a free and open source journaling program, RedNotebook is a popular option that offers world clouds and entry tagging functionality.

For those looking to share their daily thoughts with the public, blogging is the ideal platform. This is also a useful tool for writers looking to gain exposure and make a name for themselves. Blogging can offer writers the benefits of an online community, allowing them to connect and communicate with others through their journaling.

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