Do the Doctors at Jefferson University Hospital Teach Courses at Thomas Jefferson University?

Jefferson University Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University share faculty and staff. Almost all Thomas Jefferson University professors are practicing physicians who typically oversee or direct research and care at Jefferson University Hospital. Also, university medical students usually complete residency at the hospital.

Each college within the Thomas Jefferson University family publishes its course catalog, course lists or curriculum description in PDF or some other virtual format every two to three years or as required. The Sidney Kimmel Medical College course catalog for 2012 to 2014 is available at, as of 2015. The catalog gives course descriptions, corresponding course codes and identifies the professor, doctor or group slated to teach the course.

Each professor's name appears on the Faculty & Staff page and indicates whether the professor is full or associate and what capacity she serves both the university and the hospital. Some professors primarily teach in a classroom. Other professors teach primarily in a clinical setting or in both classrooms and clinical settings. Faculty and staff also includes fellows, researchers, nurse practitioners, clinical assistants and pathologists

Six different colleges comprise the institutional body of Thomas Jefferson University. They are the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, the College of Biomedical Sciences, the College of Health Professions and the College of Nursing. There is also the College of Population Health, the first and only college devoted to exploring how policies, social economics and cultural factors impact collective health.