How Do You Take a DMV Driving Test in Spanish?


Local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers driving knowledge skills testing and the driver's manual handbooks in Spanish and allows interpreters for anyone who may need further assistance during testing. Depending on the state, the handbooks can be found on the state's DMV website in audio or downloadable versions. Some states have digital iBook versions available through iTunes in Spanish that include interactive features, practice quizzes and videos.

Follow the steps below to take a DMV driving test in Spanish.

  1. Acquire the test materials in Spanish
  2. Spanish handbooks may be obtained through the state's DMV office or online in MP3 audio format that can be used with Windows Media player or QuickTime, or downloaded from iTunes for free. Practice tests and further study materials in Spanish are also available online.

  3. Take the written test in Spanish
  4. Most states offer the DMV knowledge tests on touchscreen computers in Spanish and English. Online sample quizzes are available from the state's official DMV website.

  5. Take the skills test
  6. A vision test and skills or driving test is required to receive a driver's license. The DMV does not allow interpreters to be present during a driving test, but accommodations for language barriers can be addressed when the driving test is scheduled. The driving test is usually by appointment and can be scheduled online or by calling the DMV office.