What Are Some Division 2 Colleges in Ohio?

What Are Some Division 2 Colleges in Ohio?

Division II colleges in Ohio include Ashland University, Baldwin-Wallace College, Cedarville University, Central State University and Lake Erie College. Each has different sets of sports for which they specialize and degree programs that they offer.

Ashland University offers team and individual sports programs such as football, basketball and wrestling. It prides itself on emphasizing critical thinking and scores higher on online College Learning Assessment tests than almost all of its peers.

Baldwin-Wallace College offers only a single wrestling program. It places a great emphasis on its liberal arts program and preparing students with critical thinking, writing and speaking skills. It also trains students in entrepreneurship and business start-up.

Cedarville University is a private Christian university that emphasizes its religious studies. It has a smaller sports program but offers cross country running, volleyball and tennis, among others. As a faith-based institution, it requires a Bible minor as a part of all its academic programs.

Central State University is a historically Black university. Its sports program includes basketball, volleyball and track. It also prides itself on developing student character by providing community services to the surrounding region.

Lake Erie College is known for its large sports program, which includes diverse sports such as swimming, lacrosse, soccer, football and cross country.