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Discus for Kids is a website created by the South Carolina?s State Library. It provides students from kindergarten to 12th grade a large database of information, including facts, trivia, games, videos and quizzes to aid their education and pique their curiosity.

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Discus for Kids offers 11 pages for students to explore. These include interesting facts and videos about animals, biographical information on important individuals in history, trivia questions on a wide range of subjects and book recommendations for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. In addition, the site provides links to age appropriate encyclopedias, Spanish encyclopedias and activities, as well as geography facts, including maps and the flags of all countries and several additional sources.

Parents or students can use a drop-down menu to pick the appropriate grade level, which directs them to the videos and literature created for that age group. Discus Kids has a Smart Search Kids feature as well, which searches all materials in the library's collection.

All of South Carolina's public and private schools, colleges and public libraries have access to the site's massive database. The Discus Database Assessment Committee, which has representatives from each of these organizations, meet to decide what information should be included in the database. South Carolina State Library then purchases the physical or virtual learning tools to include on the site.

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