What Are Some Disciplinary Tips for Elementary Teachers?

What Are Some Disciplinary Tips for Elementary Teachers?

There are many ways to maintain discipline without actually having to discipline students -- including picking sticks, using a reward system, offering a morning message and providing sticky notes for good behavior. These discipline systems allow the children to continue working with positive vibes, and it doesn't place any stress on the teacher.

When disciplining students, it is easier to have a positive reward system than to yell at the students constantly. Positive reward systems range in style, and it comes down to what works best for the teacher and students.

Morning message involves writing a message on the board in the form of a riddle or puzzle and allowing the students time to work on it. This eliminates morning chaos while giving the students something fun and engaging to do.

Choosing sticks involves writing each student's name on a Popsicle stick for use in a system that allows for easy picking of students to help or answer questions. It eliminates fighting over who was or wasn't chosen, and the students look forward to it. Choosing sticks creates a fair way of picking students to answer questions or help, which prevents any possible favoritism.

Positive reward systems typically involve some type of reward for filling up a jar with marbles or beans or another substance. Students earn handfuls for transitioning quietly, being respectful, staying on task and following directions. Once they fill their jar, they earn a party or some type of reward, which is sometimes of their choice but is usually the teacher's choice.