What Are the Disadvantages of Homeschooling?

One disadvantage of homeschooling is that there is no set curriculum and that parents may not have the right skills to deliver a rounded education. However, many parents aim to ensure that their child's education actually surpasses what they would receive in public schools.

Other concerns surrounding homeschooling include:

  • Some feel that homeschooled children may not receive enough socialization, whereas in school they interact with other children regularly. However, some homeschooling parents join networks that overcome this.
  • Children who are homeschooled lack access to the facilities public schools can provide. For example, gymnasiums and science laboratories. However, parents can work around this with home based science experiments and field trips to appropriate facilities.
  • In some states, there is no home schooling regulation. This means nobody is tracking whether homeschooled children are making progress with their studies.
  • As national studies tracking the progress of home schooled children rely on voluntary participation, they may not represent all homeschooled children across the country.

There are some known advantages of homeschooling:

  • Homeschooled children receive one-to-one attention from their educator, rather than being one child among many in a classroom.
  • Homeschooled kids have more opportunities to interact with the community as part of their education. This means going on more field trips to broaden their learning.