How Do You Find Directories for College Alumni?


Many college alumni associations maintain a member directory on the college's website, usually under a general alumni section that contains other resources. Some college alumni associations also host a directory on other third party sites, such as, or on social networking sites, in the case of informal associations.

The majority of official college alumni associations operate a section of the college's official website in which the members may post information and interact with each other. Many such associations also maintain a directory of members within this section, often as a simple database. These directories typically include a section for browsing entries as well as the ability to search for a specific member by name, year of graduation or last known residence. Many associations post clear links to member directories on the pages, though in some cases it may be necessary to conduct a keyword search to locate them.

Other college alumni associations have separate websites not associated with the college itself, either hosting on private servers or simply through a third party alumni service that has its own self-contained directory. If the college has no official alumni community, the only available directory may be through a social media account such as a Facebook group. These types of impromptu directories usually require users to have an account with the site in order to search for members.