Is a Diploma From an Online High School As Good As a Conventional Diploma?

A diploma from an online high school can be as good as a diploma from a conventional high school, but it depends on whether the school is accredited and if the student wants to attend college. Not all online high schools are accredited, and some are only regionally accredited, meaning the diploma may not be accepted outside of the state.

An online high school such as James Madison High School that is both nationally and regionally accredited is a better option for those wanting to go on to post-secondary education. K12 is another online school that offers a high school diploma that is issued by the student's state. According to K12's website, this diploma is accepted by universities.

It is also important for students to ensure that the online school offers the necessary basic classes and can present students with an official transcript, which is needed to apply to college. The teachers should also be licensed by the state to ensure that the course organization, instruction and content are on par with national standards.

When determining if an online high school is the right choice, prospective students can inquire about the number of recent graduates who go on to post-secondary institutions, and the school administrators should also be aware of any potential issues with the diploma.