What Are Some Diploma Courses You Can Take After 12th Grade?

What Are Some Diploma Courses You Can Take After 12th Grade?

Real estate sales, computer programming, restaurant operations, paralegal studies and web design are some diploma programs available to recent high school graduates. Students may take traditional classes on a college campus or study online to earn a diploma, depending on the educational institution where they enroll. Diploma courses are designed to provide students with a timely solution to learn in-demand job skills in industries such as health care, business, education and technology.

Ashworth College offers an extensive selection of diploma programs, including vocational courses to gain skills as an automotive technician or carpenter, creative diploma programs in event planning and floral design, and criminal justice career training to earn diplomas in security services or private investigation.

Recent high school graduates may pursue diplomas in basic project management, medical coding, real estate sales, or restaurant operation and guest services at New York University. The school also offers professional diplomas in hotel operations and convention management to students who have prior educational credits or work experience.

An individual with a Bachelor's degree may apply to New York University's advanced diploma programs in areas such as energy finance, real estate brokerage, project management and clinical documentation improvement.

Alison.com offers dozens of free diploma courses in various areas, including construction skills, e-commerce, procurement and German.