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Twelve difficult words that competitors won the National Spelling Bee with are "insouciant," "eudaemonic," "smaragdine," "esquamulose," "elucubrate," "spoliator," "vivisepulture," "euonym," "logorrhea," "prospicience," "autochthonous" and "Laodician." "Laodician" was the 2009 National Spelling Bee winning word, and it is an adjective meaning not caring one way or the other about political matters. "Autochthonous" was the winning word in 2004 and means to be native to a place or area.

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The 2002 winner was "prospicience," which is a noun meaning to look forward to the future, and the 1999 winner was "logorrhea," which is used to describe someone who talks a lot but doesn't always make sense. "Vivisepulture" won in 1996 and means to bury someone alive, while "euonym" won in 1997 and means that a certain word aptly describes a noun.

"Spoliator" was the 1989 winner and means someone who robs people or steals things, and "elucubrate" won in 1980 and means to solve or create something by working hard at night. "Esquamulose" was the 1962 winning word and is an adjective used to describe skin with a smooth texture, and "smaragdine" won in 1961 and indicates that an object is related in some way to the appearance of emeralds.

"Eudaemonic" won in 1959 and is an adjective used to describe something that makes people happy, and "insouciant" means that someone is unconcerned and won in 1951.

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