What Are Some of the Most Difficult English Words to Spell?


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Some of the most difficult English words to spell are "abysmal," "knowledgeable," "baccalaureate," "labyrinth" and "laboratory." These words can be tough to spell due to confusing pronunciations, double letters and silent letters.

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What Are Some of the Most Difficult English Words to Spell?
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The English language can be difficult to master largely due to the complexity and variation in word pronunciation and spelling. The word "abysmal" means "extremely bad or severe." A common misspelling of the word is "abizmal." People get confused because the word has an "iz" sound as opposed to "ys."

The word "abbreviate" can also be confusing due to its double letters. Many people misspell it "abriviate" because of the two "b" letters next to each other and the "i" sound. The word "baccalaureate" is very tricky for multiple reasons. The word is relatively long, so there is a lot of room for error. The "c" letters next to each other may also cause confusion. Furthermore, the "au" and "ea" parts sound like "o" and "e," respectively.

The word "business" is often misspelled because the "bus" part is pronounced "biz." The word "labyrinth" is often spelled "labrynth or "labrinth." This is because the "byrin" part of the word is typically said very quickly and the syllables get muddled together.

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