What Are Some Different Word Pronunciation Aids?

What Are Some Different Word Pronunciation Aids?

Cambridge Dictionaries Online, HowJSay.com and Sounds: The Pronunciation App are some popular English word pronunciation aids as of 2015, while Forvo is a resource that offers word pronunciation in multiple languages. An English pronunciation tool is also available as an extension for the Chrome browser.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online is a trusted source for definitions and pronunciations of words in American and British English. The online tool translates from several languages, including Spanish, Italian and Dutch, and it offers a search feature to access specific word meanings and pronunciations.

HowJSay.com is a simple and versatile pronunciation aid for desktop and mobile users with apps available for iPhone and Android. Type an English word into the search bar, click Submit, and then mouse over the correct word when it appears in pink to hear the pronunciation.

The English dictionary app for Google Chrome combines several online language tools into a convenient browser extension. When an English word is selected on a webpage, click the app icon to view a pop-up window with definitions and usage examples from Longman dictionary, phonetic transcriptions from Oxford, and pronunciations based on HowJSay.com, Merriam-Webster and Oxford. The extension also translates the word into the user's native language via Google Translate.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App is available on Android devices and supports both British and American English. Created by Macmillan Education, the app is designed primarily for classroom use. The free version offers limited word lists and features, or users may purchase the premium version to access additional words and features.

Forvo is a community-generated online reference guide for reliable word pronunciations in more than 300 languages. The website contains pronunciations of more than 3 million words, and each word is pronounced by a native speaker.