What Are Some Different Ways to Say Good Morning?

Wish someone a good morning in a language other than English by saying "Bonjour" in French, "Guten morgen" in German, "Buongiorno" in Italian, "Buenos dias" in Spanish, or "Dobroe utro" in Russian. In Indonesian, say good morning by saying "Selamat pagi," and in Samoan, say "Manuia le taeao."

Some languages contain formal and informal versions of good morning. For example, in Japanese, say "Ohayou" to your friends and family, but "Ohayou gozaimasu" at work to your boss and colleagues. Other languages have different versions depending on the speaker's gender. In Thailand, for instance, say "Sa-wùt dee krúp" if you are male and "Sa-wùt dee kà" if you are female.