What Are Some Different Types of Typing Tests?


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Different typing tests include traditional transcription touch typing tests, random word typing tests and free flow typing tests. Typing tests are frequently administered during job interviews and require applicants to meet certain speed requirements. Typing tests normally calculate typing speed in terms of words-per-minute, and usually score every five characters, including spaces, as a word, with a one word-per-minute reduction for each error.

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Traditional touch typing tests assign a portion of text, such as a paragraph from a letter or novel for the applicant to transcribe within a given time period. The applicant’s speed is determined by the amount of text entered within the time allotted. Specialized fields tailor this type of test to concentrate on transcribing numbers or special characters if that is a main component of the position

A random word touch typing test requires the applicant to transcribe random words that do not form complete sentences or thoughts. This type of testing prevents the applicant from anticipating the upcoming words to be typed or subconsciously completing sentences. This type of testing requires the applicant to rely more on touch typing skills to achieve high speeds.

Free flow typing tests require the applicant to type whatever comes to mind rather than transcribe text. At the end of the testing period, the typing field locks and the speed is calculated. This type of testing is used for job positions that require different forms of typing skills more than touch typing.

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