What Are the Different Types of Nouns?


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The seven different types of nouns are common, proper, abstract, collective, concrete, countable and uncountable. Nouns are used to indicate a person, place, object or idea, and each noun type has its own rules.

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A common noun is any noun that refers to something in general, while a proper noun specifically names the person, place or thing. For example, "woman" is the common noun, and "Mary" is the proper noun. A proper noun always has its first letter capitalized.

Another type of noun is an abstract noun, which refers to ideas rather than something that can be touched. "Success" is one example of an abstract noun. In contrast, concrete nouns are tangible. One example of this is "apple."

Nouns can belong to more than one type. For example, "love" is both an abstract and an uncountable noun, since it cannot be counted. Concrete nouns that can be counted are also countable nouns, such as "trees."

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