What Are Some Different Types of Graduate Courses?

What Are Some Different Types of Graduate Courses?

The Master of Arts and Master of Science are examples of taught graduate courses, while the Master of Research relies on personal research. The Master of Business Administration, Master of Library Science and Master of Public Administration are examples of specialized graduate courses.

Both the Master of Arts and Master of Science take up to two years to complete if students are going full time. Study includes seminars, project work, lectures, tutorials and some research. Students must complete a thesis and pass several exams.

The Master of Research course allows students to conduct their own research under the guidance of an experienced academic. Students have to produce a thesis and give an oral presentation.

Specialized master's degrees require students to go through a series of taught courses. The Master of Business Administration teaches students how to further their careers in business and management. Students can also choose to combine their study with a focus area such as finance or accounting.

The Master of Library Science specifically prepares students for entry into careers as librarians. Students learn theoretical concepts and also participate in a practicum or an internship.

The Master of Public Administration focuses on the public sector rather than the private sector like an MBA does. Students can focus on international administration, the environment or other specialized topics in preparation for working for the government or public companies.