What Are Some Different Types of Art Courses?

different-types-art-courses Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Watercolor, drawing and ceramics are some different types of art courses. Sculpture, printmaking and animation are other types of art courses. Portrait drawing and painting is also a type of art course.

Watercolor classes introduce students to basic techniques of watercolor painting. Once students have mastered painting techniques, they study themes and concepts related to the imagery of world cultures.

Introductory drawing courses teach students how to draw the human figure. Students learn how to work with form, proportions and structure. Students who take figure drawing learn how to creatively interpret space, gesture and structure as they relate to the elements of color, form and line.

Animation drawing courses stress mass, volume and weight. They teach students how to draw human figures from models. They also discuss how to draw animals from live observation.

Ceramics classes cover basic methods of wheel-forming and hand-building. They emphasize designing, decorating and firing procedures. Advanced ceramics courses explore the use of clay as medium. Students get to experiment with mold making and casting.

Sculpture courses introduce students to the materials and processes of sculpture. Students also learn how to create sculptures that they can cast in bronze.

Students who take printmaking learn the materials and processes of printmaking. They learn how to print with water-based ink and investigate artistic problems in printmaking.

Animation courses cover the fundamental principles of animation. They teach students how to create three dimensional characters. Portrait drawing and painting courses discuss shadows in perspective and teach students how to balance negative/positive space.